A Level Business & Economics Visit To CME

Our Business and Economics A Level students were given application and interview skills training at financial services company CME.

CME employees showed students around the offices in Liverpool Street, offering stories of their own career journeys. The helpful guides emphasised determination, personal storytelling and charisma as keys to securing a first role.

Students were given the chance to consider which skills they already possess and how to demonstrate them.

The visit provided a valuable insight into the financial sector as well as giving our students contacts for the future.


School Counselling Service

Our school counsellors are wonderful and can be a real help to pupils and students at different times. You can find out more about what they do on our website by clicking here.

Sports Prefects

Congratulations to our first ever sports prefects:

Y7: Ismael; Nickan; Ayush
Y8: Grace; Myles
Y10: Iris; Amelie
Y11: Caitlin; Phoebe; Riley; Christian; Adam
Y12: Olivia

Our prefects help organise sports play/practice at lunch times, including handing out equipment in exchange for deposits.

The PE team are keen to see the role develop so that the prefects become PE assistants and even get involved in coaching.

Great work sports prefects; your hard work is certainly helping increase participation in sport.

Celebrity Doctor

In the final week of half term we welcomed celebrity doctor, Zoe Williams, to our school.

Doctor Zoe Williams is best known for being the resident doctor on This Morning and The One Show but has also previously been a rugby player and a Gladiator!

Our special guest was expertly interviewed by three of our T Level Health students who looked highly professional in their Saracens Sixth Form hospital scrubs.

Doctor Zoe Williams is an advocate for T Levels  and particularly focused on T Level Health being a great route into a career in healthcare. Questions were opened up to the Year 10s in the audience, giving Doctor Zoe an opportunity to address pupils’ specific interests.

Click here to watch a video about studying T Level Health in our sixth form.



15 students from across A Level and T Level courses attended an industry day at GSK in west London.

With varied subject interests in health, business and STEM, students were shown the broad-ranging careers available at GSK and how to progress into degree apprenticeships and further employment.

After a site tour of the state-of-the-art office complex, including the leisure facilities, sixth formers were tasked with designing and running a mock lab test, taking blood flow and pressure measurements to monitor fluctuations to different environments.

Students now have an opportunity to apply for extended work experience and mentoring at GSK with the potential to progress into longer term careers.

House of Commons

On the 17th of January, the Year 12 Politics and History students visited the House of Commons.

The visit began with a tour of the House of Lords, where they observed political discussions.

Students experienced some enriching historical traditions, such as seeing the Speaker of the House walking in with the ceremonial mace, a tradition going back to the 17th century.

This enlightening day in Westminster ended with the students watching the Rwanda Bill being debated in the House of Commons. What an incredible experience!

Law Firm Insight Day

Five sixth formers interested in Law attended an insight day at one of the world’s largest firms: Baker McKenzie.

Students were given talks, by both trainees and senior partners, on life at the firm and the various pathways to becoming a qualified solicitor. After a roundtable networking session, students now have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Beginnings Scheme, an 18-month programme supporting aspiring Law students through Year 13 and onwards into university.

This is such an exciting time for Saracens High School as we wait to see which jobs and courses our students will pursue.

Self-Esteem Workshops

A group of our Pre-Apprenticeship students have been taking part in a programme to build self-esteem and raise aspirations.

The workshops have been delivered by Action for Race Equality. Here’s the positive impact it had on one student:

‘Honestly, the workshops have helped me to change my self perception and my confidence levels have been raised. I now feel more certain about my next steps in how I want to pursue my aspirations.’

A teacher was similarly impressed with the sessions:

‘It was amazing to see less confident students have the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and articulate their hopes and dreams for the future. It was particularly interesting to see how students responded to the questions the organisers asked, forcing them to expand on their ideas and make their plans more concrete.’

We look forward to hosting this workshop again for other students.