Conservation Summer Camps

Action for Conservation is a UK charity. This is how they describe their mission:

‘We want to inspire today’s young people to a long-term belief in the wonder of the living world, which will shape their dreams and actions however their life turns out.’

This environmental charity runs residential summer camps for 12-16 year olds. They are free to attend but subject to a fairly rigorous application form.

Pupils from Saracens High have attended in the past and had a wonderful experience.

To find out more please click here.

The application deadline is 7th April.


Keep Up The Good Attendance

We’ve just received news that our attendance figures for the autumn term place us in the top 10% nationally of  schools that are similar to us.

This is great news for our pupils as the data on attendance is cut and dry: the more days children are in school, the better they do. This is particularly true of GCSE results.

Let’s strive together towards even better attendance. Better attendance means better grades and better grades means more opportunties for our young people in the future.


A Level Business & Economics Visit To CME

Our Business and Economics A Level students were given application and interview skills training at financial services company CME.

CME employees showed students around the offices in Liverpool Street, offering stories of their own career journeys. The helpful guides emphasised determination, personal storytelling and charisma as keys to securing a first role.

Students were given the chance to consider which skills they already possess and how to demonstrate them.

The visit provided a valuable insight into the financial sector as well as giving our students contacts for the future.


Year Leadership Teams

Mr Kahin was blown away by the quantity and quality of application letters he received from pupils wishing to join the Year Leadership Teams.

Congratulations to the following pupils for being selected to serve on their Year Leadership Teams:

Year 7: Shuaib, Kevin, Mariam, Hamza, Erjon, Naomi, Zahra, Gage, Madison, Mindora, Kyra and Shaniya

Year 8: Ruby, Tigar, Ethan, Karen, Chayce, Leona, Saja, Nahrjes, Maha, Khosrow and Sofiane

Year 9: Maria, Luna, Hajra, Fideline, Melissa, Marwa, Diya, Sienna, Dounia, Alicia, Evangeline and Dylan

Year 10: Holly, Isabel, Ivan, Ramtin, Jestina, Rehan, Princess, Mahsa, Andrei, Alexis, Mohammad P and Jehu

Year 11: Jiya, AlaaEddine, Haroon, Halima, Ali, Yusra, Husna, Melissa, Carla, Amira and Chloe


School Counselling Service

Our school counsellors are wonderful and can be a real help to pupils and students at different times. You can find out more about what they do on our website by clicking here.

Futures Event with The Hill Group

On 8th February, after 5 weeks of working with the London Village Network, 19 Year 10s attended the end of programme event.

Partnering with The Hill Group construction company, the pupils took part in mini sessions to consider their futures and how to create personal statements that stood out. They took turns reading them out to improve their spoken communication skills with an audience.

It was a really useful visit and the pupils enjoyed the tasty lunch that was provided too!