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The Saracens High School

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


Saracens High School provides careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to students at all stages of their school career.  We firmly believe that it is our role to ensure students are informed, have opportunities to reflect, have access to a wide range of careers opportunities and are so able to make informed choices about each step of their career.

The Careers Team

Careers Leader: Mrs Bonilla

Careers Support Team: Dr Stevens (Principal); Ms Green (Vice Principal)

CEIAG Governor: TBC


At Saracens High School we aim to empower our students to achieve their potential, raise aspirations and provide meaningful encounters with employees and employers. Our careers programme is devised and delivered to integrate the school's values of “discipline, hard work, honesty and humility’. For more information about our careers programme please telephone 020 8181 3180 or contact

Our careers programme has the following aims:

  • To raise aspirations in terms of career options;
  • To raise awareness of and develop employability skills in interactive situations;
  • To support the school’s aim for pupils to follow courses and programmes which are appropriate to their longer term needs and aspirations;
  • To improve transition of pupils from school to adult and working life;
  • To increase access and choice for pupils;
  • To improve educational standards using contexts that improve motivation and attainment for pupils.

Our programme provides young people with:

  • Planned activities that use work as a context for learning;
  • Activities which are part of our broad and balanced curriculum;
  • Careers education and guidance which will help provide an insight into factors which can inform career choice;
  • The opportunity to learn about the world of work and to be better prepared for the transition from education and training to work;
  • The opportunity to improve interpersonal skills, presentation skills, self-confidence, taking risks, collaboration and taking on responsibility;
  • The opportunity to take an active part in their career learning.

 Careers programme overview:

A range of specific activities are planned strategically and delivered at appropriate moments during a young person’s time at Saracens High School. Careers education begins in year 7 and then opportunities grow and develop though year 8 and right up to year 13.  In Year 12 students undertake two weeks of work experience. 

 The impact of the careers programme is measured through a variety of methods, including pupil, staff and parents surveys.  If you have anything specifically you would like to feedback on please contact The information relating to careers education published on the school website is reviewed annually in July. 

Our Careers Programme

Saracens High School is committed to providing the highest quality careers provision and has ensured that the government’s required Gatsby Benchmarks are in place within our extensive careers programme. The eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance are as follows:

  • A stable careers programme
  • Learning from career and labour market information
  • Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Encounters with employers and employees
  • Experiences of workplaces
  • Encounters with further and higher education
  • Personal guidance

We follow the PiXL Edge NCFE approved qualification, which provides a framework for our school to develop and accredit in students, the personal attributes essential for employability and life. The scheme focuses on five key attributes: Leadership, Organisation, Initiative, Resilience and Communication. Students will qualify at four different levels throughout Year 7 to Year 13: Apprentice, Pioneer, Graduate and Master. In addition to our provision on character education, we are proud to provide the following range of bespoke opportunities for each year group to support students on their careers journey.

Year 7

  • Careers survey
  • Inspire session with a representative from one of the school’s partner organisations
  • Careers assemblies
  • Careers event 'My future, my choice'

Year 8

  • Careers-based assemblies in preparation for GCSE options
  • Educational visits with a career focus
  • Family audit
  • Parents/carers and their children learn about job profiles using the National Careers Service
  • Parent/carer careers session
  • Letter writing by parents/carers about aspirations for their children

Year 9

  • Parents/carers support their children in taking the Skills assessment using the National Careers Service
  • Visit a university

Year 10

  • Parents/carers support their children in taking the Skills Health check using the National Careers Service
  • Work visit
  • CV writing

Year 11

  • Research work-based learning, Sixth form and college options
  • Visit a university
  • Choose a future pathway
  • Refine interview skills
  • Apply for Sixth Form, work-based learning or college
  • Attending interviews

Year 12

  • Use the National Careers Service to find a university course
  • Visit a university or alternative options
  • Secure part-time work or volunteering
  • Write a personal statement/produce professional portfolio
  • Apply for university summer schools
  • Take part in work experience

Year 13

  • Apply for University courses, apprenticeships or work
  • Confirm and accept future pathway offers
  • Apply for summer internships or voluntary work

Information for employers and training providers:

At Saracens High School we are committed to providing our young people with every opportunity to access the world of work and, with this in mind, we welcome employers, industry representatives and training providers to make contact with us to support our pupils in their journey to employability. 

Information for Parents:

All young people at Saracens will receive information about careers during their time at the school.  We will provide opportunities for them to develop life skills and core competencies that employers value by enabling them to take part in employment and enterprise events and activities. To find out how you can support young people with careers and employability please click here

Information for Teachers:

In order to prepare our learners for their next step, teachers will focus on providing opportunities for them to develop employability and life skills, such as leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. Teachers will draw students’ attention to the skills they are acquiring and make links between specific subjects and employment.  

Teachers will extend the learning of young people outside of the classroom in order to help them to understand what the true purpose of their learning is (not just to pass exams!).  For further information, please contact

Information for Students in Years 7-11:

Your teachers will work with you to help you develop the skills you need for life and employment.  You will receive information about placements and work opportunities and will meet people from the world of work, who could help you to acquire the skills needed to be successful in work.

Saracens High School is committed to help you to realise your potential, so you can do what you love when you leave school. To find out how you can become more employable after education please click here. There are many additional sources of careers advice. 


If you would like to find out about pay, weekly hours of work and future employment prospects you can use the widget below (from LMI For All) to find out (go to click to pick a job, then type in a job title you're interested in and choose from the drop down options):


Careers information will be reviewed in September 2021.