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Year 6 Transition Summer Work

Please click on the Year 6 Transition Summer work below and complete these tasks ready for September.

Please email Miss Smallwood ( if you have any questions and if you complete this on a computer and do not have a printer, feel free to email this in by September 6th. 


Saracens High School - Art - Pupil Transition Booklet

 Computer Science

Saracens High School - Computer Science & ICT - Pupil Transition Booklet

 DT & Food Tech

Saracens High School - DT & Food Tech - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Drama - Pupil Transition Booklet

Saracens High School - Drama - Performing a monologue

 English & Literacy

Saracens High School - English - Pupil Transition Booklet


At Saracens High Schools we have a focus on boosting and improving literacy for all students. We understand the positive impact this will have on our pupils’ future. To enable us to continue to improve, develop and challenge our learners, we have chosen to implement an intervention on inference.

This scheme focuses upon children who are able to read, yet are not yet able to fully comprehend what they read. Studies have shown 10% of pupils who decode well, seem to experience difficulties in understanding what they read. This has serious implications because academic attainment and reading comprehension are highly correlated.

Unsurprisingly, weak reading comprehension also has a negative impact on reading enjoyment and writing skills. The programme develops the many skills needed to understand a text. They are broken down into manageable chunks: vocabulary elaboration; question generation and; comprehension monitoring. Tasks are designed so that pupils can make links between the text and its meaning.

Through working in groups of up to four for two hours a week over a twelve-week period, the pupils are able to develop confidence and improve their ability to comprehend and engage in what they are reading. This will have a positive impact across all areas of learning as techniques will be learnt to enable continuous engagement in future literacy requirements, such as exam questions and longer passages of text.

Saracens High School - Inference - Pupil Transition Booklet

Saracens High School - Literacy Activities - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Geography - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - History - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Languages - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Maths - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Music - Pupil Transition Booklet

 Personal, Social, Health & Economic education (PSHE)

Saracens High School - PSHE - Pupil Transition Booklet

 Philosophy, Religion & Ethics (PRE)

Saracens High School - PRE - Pupil Transition Booklet


Saracens High School - Science - Pupil Transition Booklet

Additional Science Resources

7A Cells

7B Reproduction

7C Environment and Feeding Relationships

7D Variation and Classification

7E Acids and Alkalis

7F Simple Chemical Reactions

7G Particle Model of solids, liquids and gases

7H Solutions

7I Energy Resources

7J Electrical Circuits

7K Forces and their effects

7L Solar system and beyond


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