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The Saracens High School

Summer School 2021: 26th to 30th July 2021

We invited all of our year 7 September 2021 cohort to attend our inaugural Summer School held at Saracens High School, Lanacre Avenue and Stone X stadium. We had an average of 110 students from a cohort of 180 who attended everyday.

 This was a thematic week focusing on the Olympics and Paralympics, with the students being grouped together in colours based on the Olympic rings, with a carousel of daily activities incorporating; a daily Assembly,English:Maths: Social Sciences: Art:Science and PE - all activities relating to the Olympics or Paralympics. We also had our own Olympics at Stone X stadium with events that represented both Olympic and Paralympic events past and present.

 In addition to this we ensured that the daily activities mirrored the school day that the students would experience in September and similar timings of activities to ensure a smooth transition for the students when they started their secondary school journey.

 We fostered and instilled the school and Saracens Rugby club’s values of Discipline, Hard Work, Honesty and Humility in all activities and students were acknowledged and rewarded when they modelled these values in action. 

 Students completed an evaluation of the week on the final day, where they identified how as an Olympic Learning Group they had modelled the school values and shared that they felt more confident in attending Saracens High School in September. Parental feedback was extremely positive stating that 97% of participants enjoyed the Summer School experience.