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The Saracens High School


Our enrichment programme includes a focus for each month.

Each of these is celebrated through a range of activities in lessons, learning group, lunchtime and through assemblies.

During periods of remote learning, these celebrations have moved online and virtual events have been offered.

For example, weekly careers virtual talks are shared with all pupils. 


Our History Month and International Week


Black History Month and BHM day 


Remembrance Day


Disability Month


Them and Us Month and Holocaust Memorial Day


Spring Festival and Safer Internet Day


Gender Equality Month and World Book Day




Mental Health Month


Diversity Month


Making Memories week

 We are committed to enriching our pupils experience at Saracens High School through a wide range of trips and visits.

Last year, pupils visits places such as the Wellcome Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum, Neasden Hindu Temple, London Eye and the London Aquarium.

During periods of COVID restrictions and remote learning, we have taken advantage of virtual visits to continue to enrich the pupil’s experiences

For example, interactive tour and talk about the Houses of Parliament and Coral Live events.

Enrichment Activities are fundamental to our pupils’ learning.

Activities happen during the school day, as well as after school and are supported by our partner organisations, which include Saracens Sports Foundation, Middlesex University, and Watford Grammar School for Boys.

Sport and Music play an important part in the lives of our pupils with many opportunities available in each. We are committed to playing a full part in the Barnet Schools’ sports competitions, and making the most of our links with Saracens Rugby Club to develop outstanding teams as well as opportunities for participation for all.


New schedules will be published in September 2021

Year 7



Year 8



Year 9