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Assessments & Reporting

Attainment Grade

Teachers use a range of assessment approaches to determine pupil attainment grades.

All students are graded using a 0-9 scale, similar to the system used for GCSE outcomes. This continuity across Key Stages 3 and 4, will enable you to track progress throughout pupil’s time at Saracens High School.

The 0-9 grade is followed by a sublevel a, b, c. During Year 7 it is common for some pupils’ attainment to be within the 0 grade, as they build and develop the foundation knowledge and skills needed to begin progression on the 1-9 scale, as a result of this, we use suffixes from ‘a’ to ‘f’ to monitor progress.

From Grade 1 onwards, the range of suffixes used is reduced to just a, b & c.

Please see our two short video guides below.