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The Saracens High School


Our curriculum is demanding of our pupils and academically rigorous, and at the same time exciting.

Subject areas collaborate on topics; for example, there is joined up thinking between what is being studied in English, Art, and History, or between Geography and Spanish, to enable pupils to develop a more holistic understanding of the world.

We focus on mastery and understanding of skills and concepts, providing pupils with the ability to apply them to a range of contexts, which better prepares them for the demands of GCSE courses, which begin at the start of Year 9.

Our curriculum for character education permeates all subject areas, as well as enabling your child to gain NCFE recognised qualifications through the PiXL Edge programme. 


Curriculum Overview


All pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, which alongside our exceptional extra-curricular programme, enables each child to find and nurture their individual talents. A strong core curriculum sees pupils study English and Maths each day, and everyone takes part in daily private reading. We are proud to be a ‘reading’ school, and know that reading develops communication skills and enables pupils to understand the whole range of subjects by extending their vocabulary. As their oracy skills improve, so does their writing. As well as the ‘core’ English, maths and science, pupils also follow courses in History, Geography, Spanish, Physical Education, Computer Science, Music, PRE and Personal, Social and Health Education, Art, and Design and Technology.


Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups. Top down differentiation within lessons and other activities provide access to the curriculum for pupils of all abilities challenging the most able and providing support where necessary sometimes through working with our Learning Support Assistants. This will come from regular subject monitoring as well as lesson observations and the curriculum plan as a whole.


Languages are an important part of the Ebacc qualification at GCSE and pupils will be encouraged to continue their study from Yr 9. More details to follow in 2020.

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

We are committed to offering the widest range of learning opportunities incorporating a diverse selection of topics and activities, to help build character, develop curiosity, and acquire life skills. Enrichment opportunities take place each day through our extra-curricular clubs and classes, encompassing a wide range of activities, ranging from sport and music clubs to science, language, and debating clubs. We ask that all pupils commit to at least one club each term, but there is no limit on the number of clubs and classes pupils can join. Wider learning will also take place within the school day through activities that permeate all areas of the curriculum. For example, educational visits related to all subject areas, and two annual celebrations; an ‘Our History Month’ and a ‘Them and Us Month’, which promotes unconditional acceptance, demonstrating respect, and performing acts of kindness.

Character Education

Our Character Education is fundamental to the success of our young people. As well as permeating all areas of learning, we have discrete Character Education lessons, which are supported and reinforced in the daily sessions with Learning Coaches. Pupils will have the opportunity to achieve up to four qualifications in Character Education during their seven years at Saracens High School. They will plan and undertake tasks in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication to achieve the PiXL Edge awards, which are accredited by the NCFE.