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The Saracens High School



Aims, Values & Ethos

Saracens High School is a school community that has a heartbeat, an identity, and an unwavering sense of who and what it is.

Our ethos embraces feelings of trust, knowledge, reciprocity and shared behavioural norms that create in our school a quality of life for staff and pupils that will be both enjoyable and productive. Our connection with each other promotes friendships, creates special moments, experiences and outstanding memories. Saracens High School is a place where people return with great eagerness, into an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging that brings out the very best in people, and motivates them to give their very best efforts in the classroom, in their activities and on the sports field.

By creating high levels of trust in our School we produce a climate of psychological safety and honesty, which allows people to develop without fear of criticism and to give all of themselves to their academic and social goals.

Our work in the classroom and in our enrichment activities is strongly underpinned by the core values of Saracens:


Our school is an orderly, safe and joyful place where our pupils are governed and guided in their behaviour by fair and sensible principles

Hard work:

Our school is a place where the staff and children work incredibly hard to fulfill the potential of each individual and to maintain a relentless 

effort for school improvement


We insist on an honest appraisal of the efforts and attitude of pupils in all
areas of their education.


Our teaching styles reflect the culture of success and commitment to character development with achievement celebrated as warmly as attainment.

We aim to improve the current and future lives of local pupils and families and be amongst the highest performing schools nationally.

  • The leadership of Saracens High School are using their partnerships to create a highly successful educational offering, using a unique sport, health and well-being contribution to enhance this.
  • Saracens track record in educational outreach has proved that we have the professionalism, leadership, aspiration and potential for planning and delivering an expert educational vision in a mainstream school.
  • Pupils’ attitudes to learning will be nurtured: enjoyment and achievement will be paramount.
  • Teachers will have consistently high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and of the quality of their work.
  • Pupils will be set challenging targets in all subjects. Pupils will know what they have to do to achieve their targets and be given the tools to be successful.
  • Lessons will be characterised by high quality planning and by imaginative and creative activities that stimulate pupils’ curiosity and facilitate rapid progress over time.